Our Outsourced Assembly and Test Partners (OSAT), have more than 10 years of experience in Semiconductor Packaging. Offers a wide range of Package options from Leaded, Leadless to advanced Multi Chip Packaging technology. Uses state of the art equipment’s and technology.

The company has been certified ISO 9002:1994, QS9000 and ISO 14001 to assure best quality services for the Customers.

Our Assembly & Test Partner

Our Assembly and Test Partner

About ATEC

Incorporated in 1996, ATEC is driven by our vision of being our strategic partner to our customers, focusing on customized service and offering a consistently first-rate and dynamic range of technical capabilities. We provide a full array of semiconductor assembly and test services, ranging from discrete to complex multichip packages, from low volume, quick turns to high volume production.

Our products are found in a wide array of applications, including voice and data communication, industrial, commercial, consumer and office electronics, computers, military, automotive, and many other industries.